Darren Staatz

Darren Staatz
Massage Therapist

Hi! I’m Darren Staatz.

I provide therapeutic massage to relieve the inevitable tension and stress that accumulates in our bodies as a result of daily physical, emotional and mental exertions. My aim is to work with you and your body to encourage healthy relaxation to facilitate and support an active lifestyle.

After working for many years as a Massage Therapist, I knew there was more to this than what was on the surface. The one thing that I gravitated to and loved was massage. This was only the beginning of what was to be my true life’s journey.

I first started off learning all sorts of things like seeing auras, do readings, working with crystals, Chakra balancing / Reiki. – a real cross-section of different things – and I was still hungry to learn more and more.

After many years of being on my spiritual path and connecting with the spirit side of things my journey took me to a higher level of medium ship.  I now work spiritually day to day with energy and combine

this in with my Energy Healing Massages.

Anyone who turns to alternative healing techniques knows that massage is about more than just getting a relaxing backrub. Each style of massage offers distinct healing properties, and connects with spiritual principles that go far beyond muscle tension alone.

Regular massage can help maintain an awareness of your body and its health, before those knots and tight muscles set in.

Love and light to everyone.