Joanne Popp

Joanne Popp
Program Consultant

* Specialising in Obesity Rehabilitation Assistance ~ (Personal Weight Loss of 80Kg To Date)
* Guest Liaison Manager ~ (Diploma Business Management)
* Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor ~ (Certificate III & IV Fitness)
* First Aid & CPR Accredited

Just over 2 years ago I suffered from Metabolic Syndrome & Severe Morbid Obesity weighing in at 170KG & taking medication at just 41 years of age. Through out my life I had always had severe eating disorders! I decided enough was enough & I wanted to live my life to my full potential!!!

I started pushing a trolly around the local shopping center every day & started making healthy eating choices with very small but regular portions.

It did not take long at all for my fitness to increase & the fat to shed & I let go of the trolly & started walking paths, beaches anywhere I could find & my manta is ” Just Keep Moving! Just Do It!” Yes, I was in pain but there is no greater pain than the fear of death that I was already facing!!!

Having an excessive amount of weight to shed meant very quick weight loss & within 9 months I had shed 60Kg!

I found the courage to join a gym & became very interested in gaining knowledge from within the fitness industry as ” Knowledge is Power” I also developed a true passion to help others achieve there health & wellness & with the genuine passion & encouragement from my peers, I found the confidence & courage to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I attended college fulltime & became an accredited fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer, shedding a further 20 KG & completed my first Tri Athlon. I no longer require any form of medication. My blood pressure, blood sugar & cholesterol levels are all of normal findings. My biological age at 170kg was 86. I still have 20 more KG I would like to shed & I am carrying approximately 10KG of excess skin. I am 43 years of age.

My focus is one of wellness as excess weight is a symptom of what is really going on inside the body! Attending “Chi of Life” as a guest taught me this & equipped me with so much more knowledge to use for power!!! I genuinely enjoyed the program so much I did not want to leave! So I didn’t!!!

My role at Chi of Life is one of many! Most importantly it is to assist guest’s with their journey to wellness! I am genuinely passionate about each & every aspect of the Retreat Program & with my own personal experience I have the empathy & understanding which provides my assistance with a powerful energy!

I get to be a part of some of the most heartfelt inspirational wellness journeys & a part of a truly, genuine & passionate team of Professionals!!! I now live every day to my full potential!!