Amy Borg

Amy Borg
Personal Trainer

  • Specializing in weight loss (personal weight loss of 45kg)
  • Master Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor (Certificate III & IV Fitness)
  • First Aid & CPR Accredited
  • Punchfit Boxing certified
  • Kettlebell lv 1 instructor
  • Fatburn Extreme instructor


Throughout my entire life I was always the big girl.. the girl at school who was teased because of my weight. This lead into adulthood where I was always so down on myself and hated the person I was.

When I became a mother for the first time in 2007 I didn’t want to be this person any longer. I tried to lose weight on my own but really struggled and emotionally I wasn’t in a great way. So in 2010 I decided I needed help and went to a weight loss retreat. Doing this meant I was away from my family and that was the hardest part and something I felt really selfish in doing but I made the decision to do it because I was a very unhappy wife and mother and just knew that I had to do it to become happier, healthier and fitter, which in turn meant I was able to give my family more by doing so.

It was hard, I’m not going to lie… but it was worth every single second.

After my retreat I went onto losing 45kg, I learnt so much and was a lot happier.

I then decided to become a Personal Trainer so I could help others just like myself.

Along this journey I became pregnant with my second child and I was also full time carer for both of my parents.

Unfortunately when I was 5 months pregnant, my mum passed away from breast cancer. It was the hardest time of all our lives and we all struggled. I had put on 18kg throughout my pregnancy and I had stopped exercising also.

I soon picked myself up and lost the weight I had put on and continued ‘life’.

Almost 2 years after losing my mum, my dad’s health deteriorated and his heart gave up. My Dad had heart and lung disease.


With all of this sadness, I started emotional eating and put on 10kg again…. you see life does get hard sometimes and I grew up overweight/obese so food has always been a comfort for me…….BUT knowing everything I know and learning everything I have been taught, I now can’t let myself go back to the darkness where I was so unhappy being overweight. You never forget that feeling and I knew I didn’t want that ever again… so I stopped the comfort eating quick smart and continued on my weight loss journey.


Making the choice of changing your life forever is the first step… then you have to put in the hard work, be prepared for change and never stop working towards it.


My two favourite quotes;

‘Never Ever Give Up’

‘Love the life you live ~ Live the life you love’


I look forward to being a part of your journey

~Amy xx~