Gwen’s Words of Wisdom


If you’re serious about losing weight you need the services of an expert like Gwen here at Chi Of Life Weight Loss and Wellness Health Retreat.

When your focus is on the fat loss, it’s better not to just focus on the scales to determine your weight loss success. As you start to workout you will increase your muscle mass and muscle is three times heavier than fat.  You maybe heavier on the scales but you are losing centimetres of fat.

So, go by how your clothes fit and use a tape measure.

How you feel is important.  Do you feel – thinner, firmer, less bloated, improved posture, improved self-esteem, how your clothes hang on your body, do you have more energy.

To focus on just the scale will just play with your emotions and it does not reflect how your body is changing.

Focus on each day and what you can control, e.g. better food choices, exercise, portion control.

Don’t wait for motivation, this is an emotion and it will come and go, focus on changing one habit at a time.  Every day get up and move even when you don’t feel like it. Use the ten minute rule – if after 10 minutes you are not able to continue, stop and stretch.  But usually the hardest part is getting started.

If you don’t like to run then walk, if you don’t like the gym then train outdoors.

Find something you like to do and have FUN! Dancing is exercise….whatever it is …just do it!

– Gwen