Mindset Coaching



Develop a mindset for success with our 20 day mindset coaching program here at Chi of mindset coaching weight loss and wellness health retreat.

Our 20 day program focuses on the power of the mind for lasting success and our mindset coaching sessions address the feelings of being stuck, or not sure of what to, or perhaps some participants have habits they would like to change, we also assist with self-sabotaging patterns that are preventing participants from reaching their full potential?

Included in the 20 day program:

“Embrace the change”  workshop one – Rebecca Saunders-Smith

Change is not a four letter word but sometimes it feels like it!

  • Understanding change and our natural resistance to it:
  •  How to recognise behaviours as resistance and how to best work with them
  •  Tools to support yourself through change
  •  Emotional Eating:
  •  Understanding the mind-body connection
  •  Talking to your stomach
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)
  •  A brief overview of a fabulous tool to help you take charge and release negative emotions, alleviate cravings, unhelpful beliefs, discomfort & resistance to change. It’s powerful and you can learn to use it yourself easily and quickly.
  • And there will be a few seemingly simple little techniques you’ll learn along the way that actually have a profound effect on your physiology and emotional wellbeing!

“Meet your future self” workshop two – Rebecca Saunders-Smith

Using the power of imagination and focus to help you create a positive future image of your self.


Transformative Life Solutions – Rebecca Saunders-Smith

My gift to you, is to believe enough in you, until you can believe in yourself!

I offer you Transformative Life Solutions: tools and strategies to create deep  and profound change by empowering you to connect with the most powerful part of your mind – the unconscious.

I have always had a fascination with communication and the capacity of human nature to adapt and change. I grew up working in the performing arts. I worked as a medical aid volunteer delivering aid in the jungles of the Philippines.  I counselled men in UK prisons about their addictions and criminal activity. I worked as a forensic social worker in the poorest parts of London. I always believed in the ability to change and grow.

Through a chronic illness I lost everything I identified myself with. I had to learn who I was underneath it all. I had to accept myself wholeheartedly, learn how to be well, and to turn striving into thriving. I developed tools and strategies to do this. I returned to my Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) roots and added hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  and mind coaching into my training.

Through these Transformative Life Solutions my life continues to bloom from strength to strength.

I won’t take you anywhere that I haven’t been prepared to go myself. I believe in what I do, as I am living proof that you can shatter the self-imposed limits in your life and experience more health, wellbeing, joy and peace than ever before.

I can help you to leave behind old strategies and ways of being that no longer work for you. You no longer need to be a victim to your circumstances, and by taking responsibility you can experience more freedom.  You can take the learnings of the past and move forward without the emotional baggage.

Happiness to me is being true to myself, liking who I am and doing what I love – and loving what I do!

It’s been an astounding journey to get here. I would love to see you thrive too.

Transfomative Life Solutions has successfully helped hundreds of people, just like you, let go of destructive habits, grief, anxiety, lack of self-worth and shift negative relationship patterns – to allow more joy, abundance, health and love into their lives.

You’ll get to chat with me at the workshops and I am available for private sessions to empower you to get a handle on what’s stopping you moving forward joyfully in your life!

Relevant Qualifications

Diploma of Modern Hypnosis, NLP & Coaching

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Master Hypnotist

NLP Master Practitioner

EFT Practitioner

Train the Trainer

Dip. Drama


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