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What to Expect on Our Weight Loss & Wellness Retreat

Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in QLD, Chi of Life is a weight loss and wellness retreat that practices a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Our programs are tailored to the individual to suit your needs and ensure you experience real results. We’ll work closely with you during activities and sessions to champion your weight loss/wellness journey every step of the way.

We understand making the decision to attend a weight loss/wellness retreat can be an emotional decision. If you’ve decided to take the first step and attend a program at Chi of Life, put your mind at ease knowing your health and happiness is in good hands.

During your stay at Chi of Life, every moment is tailored towards doing something positive for your wellbeing. By escaping the stress of everyday life in our tranquil Sunshine Coast QLD setting, you can focus entirely on yourself. Through a series of holistic treatments and fitness activities, we instil steady and healthy weight loss and wellness habits that will set you up for long-term success.


Our philosophy is centred on inner health, including the 4 core lifestyle practices for total wellness: nutrition, exercise, mind and healing.



Learn what diet plan is best for you and eat healthy for a lifetime. We’ll detoxify your body to flush out toxins and nourish with the power of nutrition filled with life-giving vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.



Enjoy exercise like never before with our fun fitness activities. These include kayaking, stand-up paddling, bike riding, scenic hikes, boot camp, boxing, pool activities, tennis, yoga, pilates, walks on the beach, and more.



Focus on inner peace with our mindfulness and energy healing workshops, meditation and yoga classes.



Live and dry blood analysis by a wellness coach is the first step towards understanding and restoring your body. This analysis provides insight into the adrenal, thyroid and lymphatic systems, oxygen levels, inflammation and digestion.

We also offer Live02 oxygen therapy sessions to restore your energy and reduce recovery time after exercising . Increased oxygen  increases fat burning, heals and repairs the body and most health conditions respond quickly.

“Our aim is to restore balance and give the body support where needed because when you strengthen and restore your foundation, the weight loss will just happen without going on crash diets. When you feel alive with energy and vitality, this positive feeling will be your motivator to live a life in good health and make better choices.

I believe this is the first step to weight loss and that no professional should consult a client without knowing what’s going on inside that person’s body first.”

– Gwen, Chi of Life’s resident weight loss and wellness expert


Each day at the retreat will be centred around these 4 practices. You’ll pick up the knowledge and strategies needed to create healthy habits and a life-changing mindset.  


Find out what you need to pack for your retreat here.



2018 Weight Loss & Wellness Retreat Program

Take a look at our upcoming weight loss and wellness programs for 2018. We offer 6-day, 13-day and 20-day programs to restore your health and put you on the path of creating the best version of yourself. A typical day at the retreat starts at 6:30am, and includes weight loss activities such as walking, boxing, mountain climbs, yoga, meditation, and other various sessions and treatments.

All your food is provided during your stay and is tailored to suit your metabolic type. You also help with the food preparation in the kitchen so you can learn how to create your own healthy snacks and meals once leaving the retreat.

Our weight loss and wellness retreat incorporates many different kinds of activities and treatments to assist with your journey to better health and wellbeing. These include:

We also have additional therapies such as massages, colonics, and vitamin infusions available at additional costs.

There’s no better place to rejuvenate the mind and body than in the stunning and serene setting of the Sunshine Coast. While you’re staying at Chi of Life, you’ll have access to our swimming pool, in-house gym, bikes, water activities and sun lounges.

Take advantage of the incredible amount of information and resources provided to you so you know you’re making the most of the program. You’ll be provided with recipes, nutritional consultations, healing/energy workshops, wellness talks, therapy sessions, and more for an all-inclusive stay.


Have more questions about your stay? Head on over to our FAQ page!


Start your journey to better health and greater wellbeing. Contact us today to enquire about our weight loss and wellness retreat programs and book your spot in now.