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Why Choose a Chi of Life Health?

There are many reasons why individuals elect to attend a health retreat. Health and weight loss retreats provide the opportunity for people not only to relax and focus on themselves, but also give them the spark to take charge of neglected wellbeing goals.

The benefits of attending a health retreat are long-lasting and life-changing. The knowledge learnt from health and weight loss retreats improves wellbeing and happiness in the long run, and provides the motivation needed to continue a healthier regime at home.

Your experience will be unique to your personal goals. It’s advantageous to take a break from the usual everyday routine, relax the regimented schedules and slip into a peaceful place where you’re disconnected from technology and the usual pressures.

Chi of Life weight loss and wellness retreat is located in a private estate in sunny Queensland; the ideal location to switch off. Considered one of the best weight loss retreats in Australia, your stay at Chi of Life will help you break bad habits and instil mindfulness. With a tailored approach, we’ll guide you through achieving your wellness goals and help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

You’ll meet like-minded people during your stay, who have similar intentions and goals. This is excellent motivation to have during your retreat, as you can work together to encourage and support one another.

A health retreat is an opportunity to reconnect with the mind, body and soul, and rid yourself of negative energy. It’s a chance to let go of any pain and practice love, peace, and self-confidence. 


What’s the difference between a health retreat, a weight loss retreat and a wellness retreat?

A health retreat generally entails a safe and relaxed environment designed to help individuals escape from the stresses in their everyday life. A health retreat provides a place to recharge and nourish the body with self-care.

Many people find losing weight (and keeping it off) incredibly difficult. A weight loss retreat primarily provides a comfortable and supervised space for losing weight and creating healthy new habits. Many weight loss retreats in Queensland are sometimes referred to as a “boot camp” or “weight loss camp” with a sole focus on changing the physique without taking mindfulness into consideration.

Similar to health retreats, wellness retreats predominately focus on renewing and restoring the mind and body for greater wellbeing. A wellness retreat aims to nurse an individual’s health back to their optimal, and address conditions that are causing them grief. These conditions can include anything from digestive issues, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, and many others.

Chi of life incorporates the best of health, wellness, and weight loss retreats to provide an all-inclusive stay for guests. Depending on what you wish to achieve during your stay, we’ll tailor your program to fit accordingly. We believe weight loss and wellness go hand-in-hand, which is why our holistic approach focuses on more than just weight loss. Our health and weight loss retreat will help you make positive changes from the inside out.


I want to sign up, what do I do now?


If you’re interested in attending Chi of Life, the sign-up process is super simple! Take a look at our upcoming program dates, and find the date best suited to you. You can book your spot by simply emailing Gwen with your preferred dates and contact details. Don’t forget to check out our special offers and available payments plans.


Once your booking has been confirmed and payment processed, the next step is ensuring you come suitably prepared. We’ve provided a list of everything you need to bring, so be sure to check off the items as you go!


Our website is packed with information about the retreat, success stories and so much more. Spend some time reading the content available to put your mind at ease before disembarking for your Queensland stay.


If you have any unanswered questions about our health and weight loss retreat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.