Weight Loss Retreat

Our weight loss health retreat in QLD is a complete comprehensive holistic weight loss and wellness retreat.

Here at Chi Of Life health retreat in QLD we offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to weight loss and wellness. Read more about our approach here.

This is not a one size fits all program like at other fat camps and weight loss retreats.

  • Learn what diet is right for you
  • We address the mind for long term success
  • Private consultations to resolve eating issues
  • Live and dry blood analysis to identify underlying issues
  • Small groups for individual attention
  • Specialising in obesity

*Results may vary from person to person. Contact Gwen today on 0435 125 422 to discuss your weight loss goals.

Why Choose Our Weight Loss Retreat

Gwen’s highly successful holistic weight loss retreat is a complete weight loss, wellness and fitness retreat that addresses the mind to overcome the underlying issues and The Metabolic Typing Diet to learn what food is right for your unique body. We are the only weight loss retreat that provides individual meals to your metabolic type. To complete the program I include a Live and Dry Blood Analysis to enable you to get answers and make the necessary changes to live a healthy vibrant life! I have hand-picked my highly professional team and have a network of professionals who are leaders and are the best of the best recognised for their expertise in their fields.

Mindset for Success is Life Changing

The weight loss and wellness program is designed to maximise results for those wanting to lose weight and to keep it off. Not only do I focus on the physical aspects of your weight but more importantly work with you to find the reasons why the weight gain occurs and for most people keeps reoccurring after each diet. My highly qualified and skilled Life Coach will help you identify the causes of your dieting, binge eating and comfort eating so you will have the tools to take back into your everyday life and apply it to you personally for lasting weight loss results.

Included in your 20 day stay is a mindset for success workshop and private consultations can be arranged at an additional cost.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Client Testimonial


Dear Gwen,

I have now lost 10.6 kilos* and quite simply “your weight loss retreat saved my life!”

Before coming to you I felt so tired and unwell that I didn’t know where to turn. There was so much information about health and how to achieve it that I found it overwhelming. I didn’t know how to navigate my way through to find what was relevant to help me. I was desperate and felt my GP couldn’t help me sufficiently. His approach was usually too general and too exclusive. I also didn’t want to be prescribed any additional medication until I felt in control of my health. I needed a comprehensive weight loss program that looked at me as an individual and provided practical, cost effective solutions. Your weight loss program was everything I could hope for.

You and your fantastic team were so caring and showed me so many different things that I could do to gain energy and wellbeing. Each team member was exceptional in their field. They were authentic, passionate and very inspiring. Especially the live blood analysis, Maria’s expertise and knowledge was life changing for me, to have solutions and answers that will enable me to regain my health.  I have fond memories of each one of them that I recall daily. Each part of your program was like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Each piece supported another piece until I got the full picture. I thought I knew a lot about healthy eating and exercise but you showed me that a lot more was available to me, if I wanted it. You educated me on the amazing superfoods I had not heard of them before, but wow I do now and they have made such an improvement to my energy.  I also now juice with my cold press juicer every morning together with installing an alkaline water filter.

In such a short amount of time you’ve changed me forever. I now know how to prepare healthy meals that taste amazing and how to move my body with fun activities instead of trying to make myself exercise at the gym. But most of all, that I didn’t need to be perfect, that if I just did what I could each day that I would get great results. I only wish I had longer than 2 weeks with you at your weight loss retreat.

Gwen you’re the real deal! I’ll be forever grateful for your generosity and intelligence in showing me a better way of being.

You’re a very good example of what you teach and I highly recommend your weight loss retreat.

Love and Chi

*Results may vary from person to person

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Live and Dry Blood Analysis

To complete the program I include a Live and Dry Blood Analysis to enable you to get answers and identify the under lying issuesso you can make the necessary changes to live a healthy vibrant life! I have hand-picked my team and have a network of professionals who are leaders and recognised for their expertise in their fields. I also have a back at home support system in place.

Live and dry blood analysis is designed to detect functional imbalances in the body that are known as precursors to disease extremely early. We are then able to recommend changes that need to be made by you, such as nutritionally. Excess weight especially around the stomach is just symptoms of other issues and is uasually linked to poor digestion. For long term success you need to get your foundation working optimally,when you heal the body, the body will lose weight and you will keep it off. The live and dry blood analysis will provide you with information that will give you answers not only to weight loss but wellness, to live your life with good health and energy. Viewing your blood live on a monitor really does help you connect to your body, it is powerful tool and forms the main component of the program. Gwen will set up strategies based on your results that will enable you turn your health and life around.

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Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing Diet concepts are very logical, we all know that everyone is different. The “one diet fits all” solution is not the answer. It never has been and that is why some will get good results on a particular diet while someone else will have poor results.

The advance metabolic test done through Dr Gupta’s office is an additional cost to your program or a basic test is included with Gwen

Advance on-line testing $99.00

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Gwen’s Nutritional Consultation

This is included in your program at no extra cost.

  • Metabolic Typing Test Basic
  • Understanding Metabolic Typing and your results
  • Shape Up Eat Smart book
  • Goal setting
  • Weight
  • Measurements

For more information about the Chi of Life weight loss retreat contact us today.

*results may vary from person to person