Success Stories


Lost 20.7 Kilos* 6 weeks

*Results may vary from person to person

I am so grateful to Gwen and all the staff at Chi of Life. The accommodation was beautiful and the surroundings were perfect. I especially loved the morning walks and workouts on the beach. I just completed a 6 week stay and am blown away at the results. I am so energetic, clear minded, revitalised and goal driven. I learnt so much about nutrition that I now feel that this truly has been a full lifestyle change. The food was really nice and it was great to be able to spend time with the Chefs learning from them. All the trainers are absolutely wonderful and made every training session interesting and fun. After 23 years I am bike riding again, kayaking, playing tennis and beach volleyball!! I know that I have now made some life long friends and we will continue to support each other. During my stay I shed 20.7kgs and a total of 153 cms off my body!!!! What more can I say but thank you for helping me get my life back!!!