Success Stories


Lost Kilos* Wellness Program for 13 days

*Results may vary from person to person

What a fantastic journey we have been on with Gwen and her AMAZING and AWESOME team.
My sister and I came to Chi for a much needed overhaul – weight loss, muscle gain, improved digestion and energy were just a few of the things we sorely needed. I added an extra challenge for the Chi team as I am vegan and asked them to help me tweak my diet to ensure I was getting everything I need for vitality and to build strength. Gwen and her fantastic chef Solomon went out of their way to accommodate my needs and I can honestly say that every meal was delicious and satisfying. Thank you so much Solomon for your open mindedness, your creativity in the kitchen and for allowing me to participate in devising some tasty and nutritious vegan replacements for animal based proteins. It was educational and fun!

Both my sister and I had great results from our two week stay – we both achieved exactly what we had hoped, and we are continuing our journey to optimum health back at home. We have been educated and inspired, we feel better than we have in years, and we made some beautiful friends along the way. What’s not to love about that?

So thank you Gwen, Jo, Robyn, Hayden, Solomon & all the other great practitioners, for lighting the path for us. It wasn’t always easy but you kept us going and showed us what we are capable of – that we can do much more than we ever thought we could!

Thank you guys, thank you, thank you. ❤️❤️❤️