Success Stories


Lost 4.4 Kilos* and 58cm in 6 days

*Results may vary from person to person

Julie loved how the Chi of Life team made her feel “welcome” and “confident” throughout her stay.

“Thank you Gwen for teaching me the importance of eating the right food for my body and when to eat. Your talks and guidance were always full of enthusiasm. What a dynamo you are. Your passion for teaching people about food and general wellbeing is evident in everything you do. Thank you Jo, what an asset you are to Gwen. You were my go-to girl. Your friendship, long talks and openness about your own past issues made me feel welcome and confident in the program. You are inspirational and someone to look up to.

Thank you Robyn and Hayden; both great trainers, always friendly, on time, know when to push to keep us going to achieve the results. Thank you Chefs John and Solomon; both great personalities and always very willing to talk food and share! Both turned out some awesome dishes – as did Gwen. I made some new friends and what else can I say except keep on keeping on, Chi of Life.