Success Stories


Lost 9.2 Kgs & 75 cms Kilos* 3 week Journey

*Results may vary from person to person

Joyce states that everyone is “stunned, shocked and amazed” by her results.

“I am an insulin-dependent diabetic. During my stay I was amazed I was able to reduce my insulin from 100 to 25 units and now back at home I am holding well on 25 units of insulin. I got weighed yesterday and have lost yet again – now 104.2kg. You would not believe how far I am walking – everyone is stunned, shocked and amazed. I am even going to go back into the garden today to pull some weeds.

My doctor, Phil, would be over the moon. I have not yet seen my doctors because when I stopped to think about it, I know that the first question they will ask is if I will be able to maintain it when I am doing this under my own steam. I am gathering proof that no one will be able to dispute; your program at Chi of Life works! Heather continues to lose weight slowly but she has certainly lost inches and says she has never felt better, looks very much brighter and people are commenting on this to her. Ken is also losing weight and just loves the food and is very supportive of both of us. My grandchildren are over the moon with our results. They say they have got their Grandma back.”