Success Stories


Lost 11.7 Kilos* and 100cm in 6 weeks

*Results may vary from person to person

I just want to say a great big big big thank you for my 6 week journey. I have learnt so much about myself, food and being well, not just aiming for a number on the scales.
Thank you Solomon and John, your lessons in how to properly prepare food, how to incorporate this into my daily life and your incredible talent in making everything taste like I was in a restaurant was simply amazing! Your expertise has been invaluable to getting this once “microwave meal” girl to appreciate the fine art of cooking and even be game to make these dishes myself.

Hayden and Robyn, I don’t know where to start, you both have been such fantastic trainers and more! I can’t believe that I could have come so far in my fitness in six weeks, your sessions were always innovative and challenging and I loved every minute of it! I will always remember dragging that enormous sand bag on the beach and my PB on climbing Mt Coolum. I can’t even say that you were just trainers as each of your knowledge has helped me to implement changes to my training and health routines; especially so I can return to endurance racing and achieve my goals.

It is so hard to even put to words the changes I have made though the life coaching. To be honest I had very little faith coming into the first session, but her methods quite simply have been astounding. Not only did I have immediate effects but also have a clear path to continue on beyond the time spent on the retreat, to ensure I can achieve happiness throughout my life.

To my surrogate mum, Jo, I honestly couldn’t have made it through the six weeks without you. Your own inspirational journey, understanding and “kick butt” training sessions have made the difficult times so much easier to process and not to mention bringing such warmth and laughter to the program. I think it is going to be hard to top the enjoyment of bouncing around on a giant water trampoline for a very long time!

Finally, Gwen, it is impossible to describe what an overhaul to my entire wellbeing that you have created from this retreat. The program is not just simply about weight-loss, it is a journey to understand your body, mind and spirit and without your wisdom and passion it simply would not have been possible for me to come so far in such a short time. Your knowledge and advice are already being put into practice and I have no doubt through this retreat you will change so many lives for the better, you certainly have to mine.

With the greatest admiration and appreciation,
Yours sincerely,
Hera Sergeant