Success Stories


Lost 7.5 Kilos* and 63.5cm in 13 days

*Results may vary from person to person

Hi Gwen, thanks so much for my time at Chi of Life.
I have made some massive changes since returning home.

My first week back, I definitely felt overwhelmed with how I was going to put my plan into action. Since then I have set up all the ingredients for green smoothies and protein shake I invested in a professional mixer that is due to arrive this Friday.

I continue to research and am finding great recipes and slowly it is starting to come together. I still need to up the ante with exercising, I am finding out what I enjoy. Currently doing morning works with my dog and looking into yoga sessions

I am currently at 99.7 kg and I am so determined to continue my journey to better health. I am getting a new phone Gwen and will send some more updates and pictures when I can. Thank you again for everything, I was very depressed when I arrived in Queensland. The fog is starting to lift and I owe that to my opportunity at Chi of Life. Hope all is well, please say Hi to all the crew for me. They were all great and helped me so much