Success Stories


Lost 6 Kilos* in just 3 weeks

*Results may vary from person to person

Dear Gwen

I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you. Your retreat has exceeded all my expectations. My 3 week journey started on an impulse, something I never do. Your website and after speaking to you made me feel very comfortable to take the plunge. With all my injuries, ankles, knees and back your very personalised attention has helped me shed 6 kilos of unwanted fat and 10 cm’s of fat from my stomach forever and now will be able to continue this at home. The knowledge of food for my body type you are sending me home with is so exciting. I am going home to my family full of energy and will be eating beautiful tasty foods that for the last 25 years I have put them in the naughty basket. I have enjoyed every moment of the last 3 weeks, pain and all. I can’t thank you enough.