Success Stories


Lost Kilos*

*Results may vary from person to person

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking your knowledge, experiences and skills to another level and opening a fabulous retreat helping those who just cannot help themselves or just want to better themselves. I have been to another retreat in Queensland several years ago in the hope I could change my life, but as soon as I arrived I injured my knee in an exercise group. I believe it happened due to the lack of individual assessment and support. I returned to my old ways when I got home, so, it did not help me. This year turning fifty one, I knew it was now or never. I searched the net for a more personalized retreat. I found You!!! I am so happy with what I have achieved and how far I have come since staying with you. I arrived at your retreat rock bottom. Pressures of life and caring for my mother and sister. Overweight, drinking 1 to sometimes 2 bottles of champagne a night to numb the senses and sleep. Well sleep didn’t come easy, I am sure it was the alcohol that kept me waking every hour. The 95kg I reached was really weighing me down, lethargic, depressed, angry, impatient and just became a little hermit. I was a bubbly, full of life and fun individual, where did I go? I took steps to find myself, seeking out a psychologist and giving up drinking as of 1st February this year. But, still I was not changing. Of course I was placed on antidepressants which helped with the moods, but no Cristina could be found. That’s when, I seeked you out.

On arrival The sun was warm and so was your greeting face. I was instantly drawn to you and knew, I was where, I was meant to be. I loved the fact that the group was small and its amazing, just how close you become to others in the retreat as they too all had journeys. It felt like home and I had a carer, something I have never had. The rock of my family yet the baby of it too.

During the first week I went through so many ups and downs. Sleeping, detoxing and a general unwell feeling for 2 days. But you soon fixed that! With your support, your hand picked trainers and food I was back on track and feeling alive. I also gave up smoking when I arrived. Your assessment of me was accurate with the help of Metabolic testing, fresh and dry blood analysis and discussions.

I had several health issues too. A fatty liver, a liver autoimmune problem that would have to be biopsied, high cholesterol and depression. I was so scared to do the biopsy, so after discussions with the doctors they said change, get fit, get healthy and we will check it again before we biopsy. I was determined to do this after knowing for two years the tests were not changing. When I got back from the retreat, I felt great, I felt I had turned my health issues around so…I did the test. waiting to hear anxiously.

NEGATIVE came back WOW WOW said the GP and I could also see his joy for me. I know now for sure you are what you eat and importantly absorb through good digestion and how you look after yourself. We are machines, we need oil and grease changes and we need to not abuse the body or.. it will breakdown. I have seen the change and so has all my family and friends. So impressed with my results, I gave my sister in Law a short course on what I did whilst away. She was so overweight, bowel cancer in remission, I was now a role model. So pleased to say she has lost 14kg in almost 3 months. My sister has also lost 6kg in less time. But…..I am still in recovery and not yet got the old Cristina back. I will return for more support, I miss you and I missed what felt like home, I also miss Sofi your little dog companion. I believe I will return to you every year from here on in. It’s a holiday to heal, enjoy and polish up. The place you have chosen for the retreat is also amazing and I love it. Gwen, thank you once again and to your magical team of trainers, chefs, advisers and instructors , who also have that holistic way about them. My deepest gratitude and appreciation and hopefully soon I will become one of those who just wants to see you, to better themselves.