Success Stories

Chris Z

Lost 11 Kilos* in 20 days

*Results may vary from person to person

Having just exited the Chi of Life retreat a little over 11 kilos lighter after my 3 week stay I am astounded at the depth and variety what Retreat offers: notwithstanding great accommodation, every possible aspect of “wellness” is explored, then in-depth information and examples of diet, body metabolism and digestion; not to mention food portions, management and preparation and then an amazing array of physical activities that compliment the catering. And all of this is delivered with an infectious passion by Gwen and her team of Personal Trainers, Chefs and external consultants and with the Retreat being restricted to less than 10 guests the reality of personal one-on-one interaction cements the experience: so much so that rather than being a “number” I felt my successes were equally important to the Trainers as they were to me.
And now I’m home, not only do I have the knowledge gained from the Retreat, but also a plan developed with me going forward, so although having completed the Retreat, Gwen’s ongoing commitment to me in that plan stays with me.