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Fat Camp Success Stories

See some amazing transformations achieved by some of our past guests here at Chi Of Life Weight Loss and Wellness Retreat…Real people..Real results. For all women, men, shape, sizes, weight,  fitness levels and ages.


Our beautiful new  “wellness warriors”  share their experience and journey at Chi of Life Weight Loss & Wellness Retreat. Chi of Life is anything but a traditional fat camp.  Unlike most fat camps and weight loss camps, we will get to know you on a personal level, enabling us the best opportunity to make life changes to your body and lifestyle.  We will set goals that are both realistic and sustainable, ensuring that the health benefits you get are ever lasting.  The aim of most ‘fat camps’ is to help you lose weight during your stay, with very little after thought.  Here at Chi of Life we will educate you and develop your knowledge on exercise and diet that you will be able to apply to your life after your stay with us.

It can be difficult to reach a weight your happy with, and losing weight can be a long process for most people.  This is why we like to educate you on ways you can maintain and continue your weight loss long after you have left us.  Our fat camp will give you the kick start you need to get motivated, get advice and become knowledgeable about what you need to do to get results.  we are the only fat camp that offers a complete program, there’s a lot more to weight loss than just exercise and food.  Being over weight and tummy fat is a symptom of underlying health issues, rather than treating the symptom we will identify your particular problem and show you how to fix the cause of your weight gain. We will get to know you on a personal level, enabling us the best opportunity to make life changes to your body and lifestyle.  We will provide you with strategies and solutions that will be life changing, ensuring that the health benefits you get are ever lasting.  The aim of most “fat camps” is to help you lose as much weight as possible during your stay, with no thought to what is the underlying cause of your weight gain or how you are feeling.  While you achieve initial weight loss it is not sustained and gradually you put the weight back on again and frequently more weight.  Here at Chi of Life weight loss and wellness retreat we will educate you with grounding breaking information from the leading international health and wellness experts.  You will develop and expand your knowledge on wellness, exercise and what healthy eating really is and apply it to your life after your stay with us.  We invite you to join us on an exciting wellness journey to a better life.

Jenny and Chantel

Jenny and Chantel found Chi of Life’s weight loss camp “invaluable” and couldn’t be happier with their “unbelievable results”.


I was here on a 3-week journey and I was able to lose 9.2Kg and 94cms off my body – with injuries! I convinced my friend Chantel to join me on the last week as I was so happy with my success and the program. Gwen, before I came to your retreat I tried all kinds of diets, went to all kinds of gyms with different trainers, some high-profile experts, and even a doctor (who wanted me to have lap band surgery at age 23) and never got results. Although I worked hard, followed their diets and listened to my trainers, nothing came off. I was told it was my fault for not working hard enough and was accused of eating too many bad foods. I felt horrible. When I came here, you took me to get live and dry bloods done and everything started to make sense. I needed to support my body and restore the wellness of my body. My body was carrying a lot of fluid, not all fat as I was told. You taught me to work with my body and not against it. You set me up on a program to burn fat and eliminate the excess fluid I was carrying due to congested lymphatic system and finally I was able to get unbelievable results! I want to thank you for helping me through this journey; the information and the training has been invaluable and I will continue working on everything I have learnt from you. Thank you again.


I also found it so invaluable and motivating. I’m ecstatic I made the spur-of-the-moment decision to join Jenny on this amazing journey. In 6 days I lost 2.5kg and 44cm and gained an abundance of energy, even with a rolled ankle. I have tried every diet out there, worked hard at the gym (which I now know I had no clue what I was doing) and always had zero-to-pitiful results. My health declined and so did my self-esteem. I made a vow to myself this year that it would be my year (which it has) and this topped it off! I cannot thank you enough for all the information, training and support. I will now be able to move forward in my life with all positive energy and know in the future when I graduate as a registered nurse, I’II actually look like a health advocate. I will be the pocket-rocket of the ward! Thank you again. I have regained my motivation, self-confidence and self-love that I’d lost the last few years.


Glenda had tried many other weight loss camps, but found Chi of Life the most “rewarding”.

I wish most sincerely to say thank you Gwen for all you have done for me. There are so many things I’d like to say, though I have tears flowing as I write. My precious 10 days have been much, much more rewarding on so many different levels than any of the weight loss camps I’ve attended (these include the finest in our beautiful country). Thank you to your talented team of Hayden, Robyn, Sarah, John, Solomon and Joanne. Thank you dearest Gwen, for this opportunity to turn my health and wellbeing onto the right track.


Julie loved how the Chi of Life team made her feel “welcome” and “confident” throughout her stay.

Thank you Gwen for teaching me the importance of eating the right food for my body and when to eat. Your talks and guidance were always full of enthusiasm. What a dynamo you are. Your passion for teaching people about food and general wellbeing is evident in everything you do. Thank you Jo, what an asset you are to Gwen. You were my go-to girl. Your friendship, long talks and openness about your own past issues made me feel welcome and confident in the program. You are inspirational and someone to look up to.

Thank you Robyn and Hayden; both great trainers, always friendly, on time, know when to push to keep us going to achieve the results. Thank you Chefs John and Solomon; both great personalities and always very willing to talk food and share! Both turned out some awesome dishes – as did Gwen. I made some new friends and what else can I say except keep on keeping on, Chi of Life.


Tracy enjoyed “amazing weight loss results” while gaining an understanding of her body and the importance of nutrition.

I have had the most amazing week here. Everybody was awesome. Gwen’s staff are all hand-picked with love and you can feel it. I adore Joanne – she taught me to ride a bike!  I will never forget her because of that. There were too many wonderful experiences to write them all down. Some firsts for me were learning to ride a bike, play tennis, kayak, pilates and yoga, just to name a few.

I have been to other retreats before but they were nothing like this and I had very little weight loss at the other retreats, but here at Chi of Life I had amazing weight loss results and learnt so much about my body and the right food for me. Thank you to all the staff and a big hug to Gwen and Joanne. Come to Chi of Life Weight Loss & Wellness retreat and embrace the experience – it’s awesome! I will definitely be back.


Alex thanks the Chi of Life team for helping her out of a “depressed and unhealthy” place and “saving her life”.

Although I knew I would lose weight here, that was not my primary reason for coming. I needed to detox my body! I was in a very depressed and unhealthy place in my life and it could not go on. One of the reasons I chose Chi of Life was because of the availability of an NLP therapist (I know how powerful this kind of therapy is as I have used it before, studied it, and am certified in it).

All the people who are available to you here, be it chiropractor, trainers, doctor, live blood analyst, masseur, whoever, all have one thing in common: beautiful, giving spirits. Everyone wants the best for you. It is a testament to Gwen’s philosophy and program that Chi attracts such people. Trust the program, trust Gwen, and give yourself a chance. After 3 weeks my body is feeling great, my head is un-muddled and I feel better than I have in the last 15 years. Thank you Gwen and Co. for saving my life.


Joyce states that everyone is “stunned, shocked and amazed” by her results.

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic. During my stay I was amazed I was able to reduce my insulin from 100 to 25 units and now back at home I am holding well on 25 units of insulin. I got weighed yesterday and have lost yet again – now 104.2kg. You would not believe how far I am walking – everyone is stunned, shocked and amazed. I am even going to go back into the garden today to pull some weeds.

My doctor, Phil, would be over the moon. I have not yet seen my doctors because when I stopped to think about it, I know that the first question they will ask is if I will be able to maintain it when I am doing this under my own steam.  I am gathering proof that no one will be able to dispute; your program at Chi of Life works! Heather continues to lose weight slowly but she has certainly lost inches and says she has never felt better, looks very much brighter and people are commenting on this to her. Ken is also losing weight and just loves the food and is very supportive of both of us. My grandchildren are over the moon with our results. They say they have got their Grandma back.

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