Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about your time here at Chi Of Life Weight Loss and Wellness program? You’ll find all the answers here.


How long should I stay?

Your experience at Chi of Life Weight Loss program Queensland Australia is designed to facilitate lifestyle transformation from my holistic health and wellness program. On average, my guests stay for 20 days on each visit to allow them sufficient time to achieve their goals. The longer you stay with me the more weight you can lose and the more empowered and informed you will become to make healthy adaptations into your life. However, your personal goals may require more or less time. A longer stay provides an opportunity to address underlying issues and it takes 20 days to change a habit. Quite simply, I have more time with you to stimulate and inspire your healthiest intentions.

Where is Chi of Life and how do I get there?

Chi of Life is located at the beautiful on the Sunshine Coast, approx. 70 minutes North of Brisbane and 20 mins from Maroochydore airport. Once your plane arrives at Maroochydore airport a team member will personally greet you and transfer you comfortably to the Retreat.  Door to door shuttle bus is available from Brisbane airport. Transfer fees are not included in your program fees.

Can children visit the retreat?

Chi of Life Weight Loss program Queensland Australia has been designed for those who are ready to relax from the hustle and bustle of life and to enjoy holistic treatments, fitness activities and to be able to focus on your program and results. I believe that this can be enjoyed by those between their late teens and their late eighties. Whilst I do not impose an upper age limit I do restrict our younger guests to those of 18 years or more.

Are pets allowed at the retreat?

Sorry you cannot bring your own pets, Gwen has a small dog (Lola).

Recommended packing list

The recommended packing list has been designed for you to use as a guide and to assist you in preparing for your visit. Clothing should be practical, functional and comfortable. It is recommended to “layer dress” in the cooler months so you can discard clothing layers as the activity changes.

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In winter, how cold does it get?

Between June and August night-time temperatures can be as low as 5 degrees Celsius, so please bring some warm clothing. Day-time winter temperatures are usually a very comfortable 19 – 24 degrees Celsius.

Are you just another Health and weight loss Retreat?

No, Chi of Life Weight Loss program is unique. I specialise in your total wellness our focus is on improving your foundation from the inside out. Poor digestion, colon toxicity, lymphatic congestion, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, poor oxygen conditions can effect your weight loss and energy that will have an effect on your long term health and weight.  You will lose weight and centimeters and continue losing weight back at home, you will feel energised and vibrant.  Your focus will shift from weight loss to wellness which will allow you to maintain your weight  for the right reasons.  Our 20 day program address’s the mind and body connection to identify your underlying issues for lasting results in a nurturing environment. Unlike most health and weight loss retreats which specialise in bootcamp style programs with one size fits all meals or only relaxation and pampering or large group programs my focus is to actually improve your long term wellness and longevity. You will be empowered with knowledge that guarantees your success long term.

At the Chi of Life your program is very personal and includes one on one time with Gwen Stewart, our small group program is limited  to only 5 people, no weight loss and health retreat can provide that. No other weight loss and health retreat can provide you with meals for your individual metabolic type. No other retreat offers 100% money back guarantee on the full program that you will lose weight.

What day and time can I arrive and depart?

Check-in day is Monday from 8am to 11.30am and Gwen will allocate and advise you of your personal check-in time. Departure is Saturday after lunch at 12pm and includes a full morning of activities.

How do I prepare for my stay?

Try to reduce the amount of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine that you consume one to two weeks before your arrival.  At Chi of Life I try to reduce the temptation of you consuming these during your stay. Smoking and drinking alcohol is not allowed.

Will I lose weight?

We have a very successful track record with helping our participants lose weight and we are committed to your success at our retreat. We will work with you to identify the right foods for your metabolic type, monitor your energy expenditure and you will be under my personal supervision and motivation. Weight loss is guaranteed when you follow the program and your results depend on you and how much work you do.

Is it for you?

Contact us and have a talk to Gwen she will be able to answer any questions you might have and assess whether the program is right for you.  Chi of Life Weight Loss Health Retreat provides an exclusive alternative where you can focus on your issues and weight loss without feeling intimidated in a safe and small group environment.

Can I connect my laptop? How can I stay in touch?

Your stay is designed to improve your health and wellness.Taking time out at a retreat is a perfect way to unplug from the digital world and spend some time away from your phone, television and computer. You won’t have to worry about work emails, social calls or family catch ups if your phone is turned off and stored at the bottom of your bag – absolute bliss. When you then reconnect with the outside world, you might even find you become less dependent on your devices. I would like you to concentrate on yourself rather than other outside activities.
If you cannot switch off during your stay then limited use of lap top and mobile is preferred. You will be asked to keep your laptop and mobile in your bedroom and use only at night. Free wifi is available.

What is included in the program?

We are not a 5 star hotel or resort with full service, Chi of Life weight loss and wellness program is unique you will live in my beautiful home and is designed for you to live it as you would at home to create new habits for your return home. You are hands on in the kitchen helping create meals and snacks.  We focus on your results providing you with information and personalised strategies that will change your life. Your investment in the program includes a team personally hand picked by Gwen Stewart, who are leaders in their fields of Fitness, chef, wellness coach, weight management coach, Master NLP practitioner, Master Reike therapist. Included in your program is accommodation, all meals and snacks (organic when available), superfoods, live and dry blood analysis, nutritional consultation, sporting activities, group fitness sessions, infrared sauna, magnesium soaks, cooking classes, recipes, journal, handouts, workshops in 13 and 20 day stays and nutritional talks.

How do I Book:

Simply contact Gwen by email or call Gwen on 0435 125 422 tell us the best day and time to call on a landline or mobile number and I will contact you.

Remember my program is different to weight loss or health retreats you may have visited before, this is a small private program offering an individualised program.
To confirm a space you will be required to make a 25% deposit via credit card (incurs no surcharge on deposits).

Balance of payments via bank transfer, credit card incur 1.5% surcharge or Bpay.

Direct deposit


A/c Name: Chi of Life
A/c Nbr: 607567359
BSB: 484-799

Once payment has been processed I will send you a confirmation receipt and a health history questionnaire form so that I can understand your objectives and health history etc before the start of your retreat program. Please return questionnaire to me prior to arriving.

Balance of payment to be made 14 days prior to your arrival.

• All payments: (including deposits) are non-refundable when booking is cancelled.
• Reservations postponed: more than fourteen (14) days in advance of your arrival are fully transferable and must be used within 12 months from the date of payment. All outstanding monies must be paid in full when postponing and transferring to another date. Only one postponement and transfer of booking to another date per guest.
• Postponements: from fourteen (14) days of your planned arrival date will result in 50% of your payment being forfeited and the balance can be used for rebooking within 6 mths of the original booking. All outstanding monies must be paid in full when postponing and transferring to another date. Only one postponement and transfer of booking to another date per guest.This applies to all methods of payments, including reservations confirmed via phone, internet & post.
• No refund for early departures, if you are unable to continue for any reason you will forfeit the reminder of your program. No refunds or rebooking to another program date on the remaining days that you dont attend and no refunds on any services not attended There are exceptions as your place has been reserved for you nd on late notice your spot cannot be replaced with another booking.
• Illness or injury: Once the guest has commenced the program and is unable to continue for any reason including illness or medical reason the guest will forfeit the remainder of the program. The remainder of the program is non-transferable to another person.