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Are Depression and Obesity Related?

Being overweight is not only bad for you physically – it can also have a serious impact on your mental health. The link between obesity and depression is not yet fully understood, but evidence-based studies indicate an association between the two conditions. People of all shapes and sizes suffer from depression, but overweight and obese […]

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The Best Exercises and Movement for Obesity

We explore the best exercise and movement for those suffering from obesity. Being physically active is vitally important for your physical health and mental wellbeing! While trying to lose weight, combatting obesity with exercise is far easier said than done. For most people suffering from obesity, exercising can be tiring,  painful and emotionally exhausting. At Chi of […]

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Retreat to a World of Holistic Wellness

At Chi of Life Weight Loss & Wellness Retreat we’re all about helping others achieve holistic wellness from our serene spot on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We aim to give you all the tools you need to master your own health and, best of all, you get to detox near Queensland’s Coolum beach, with […]

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Is Fast Food to Blame for Obesity?

Obesity is triggered by a combination of lifestyle factors, lack of movement, food choices, meal sizes have gotten larger and fast food is often highlighted as one of the many causes. But is fast food really to blame for our weight woes? The simple answer is yes; fast food, sugar, portion size and obesity are […]

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Is Obesity Defined by Weight or Lifestyle?

We all have that one skinny friend who can eat practically anything they want without piling on excess kilos. Before you start envying that person and their super-fast metabolism, it’s important to remember that your weight doesn’t necessarily indicate how healthy you are. By taking other factors, such as adrenal and thyroid function, metabolic type […]

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